Rear Seat Reconfiguration

I just picked up two Corbeau Baja seats from a friend for 300 including the 5 point harnesses and got a little idea. Just wondering if it actually makes sense to do, or if I’d just be wasting my time.
I’m looking at mounting the Corbeau’s up front and than moving my two front buckets to the back to replace the fold and tumble back there.
But instead of mounting them facing foward i want to mount them facing backwards, so the seats would essentially be back to back. I figured it would be a nice little ride for anyone back there, seeing as I usually never have anyone back there besides on the trails.
Any comments, concerns, criticism, or help with this would be greatly appreciated.

i dont know how legal that is or how your insurance company would like it in the event of an accident

where would you store tools and spare parts. also i’m not sure how leg room would work

Alright pushing aside the fact of turning them around, which I am now seeing is not the best idea around, I still want to mount the seats in the back to replace the bench. More comfort and and head support.

maybe u can make them swivel. that would be B A. as long as they have a good locking method

that might work but remember you’ll lose any storage space you gain by being able to take out the back seat.