Rear driveshaft - TJ

I need a rear drive shaft for my TJ, anyone have something laying around?

I have a stock one. If u want it

there is a guy on the NE Trading Post on Facebook that has a Tom Woods shaft. you might have to get it shortened but offer him $150 and see where that gets you.

Yeah I don’t have too much money to drop on one. I took mine off today and the vibrations I was having went away. It was interesting getting up to 35 with the damn Ausie trying to kill me. A stock replacement will have to do for now. The one Jamie has is the same length so I’ll be all set :smiley:

whats wrong with the one you have?

i have extra ujoint you can have the most you would need is $30-$50 for a new centering bearing and we can rebuild it. i might be able to swing by tomorrow if you are around.

Idk what’s wrong with it, u-joints seem ok so it must be the centering bearing or something. It’s good enough for a trail spare which I’ve been meaning to pick up anyways. Jamie was nice enough to offer me his old one so problem solved.

alright. just let me know when you want to get together to fix it up. its pretty easy to do. might as well break it down and see if you can put some new life into it.