Rear axle

I want to get rid of the d35 finally and I’ve found a 8.8 an d30 both with 410s an open open. Guy wants 450 for both of them is that a fair price?

Sounds good to me

$450.00 is not a bad price but not a great one either. Basically you are paying retail for the pair if you were to source them out from a local auto salvage.

I agree.

plus you will like the 4.10 better then the stock gears and you can easily jump up to a 33" tire.

high pinon D30? all cleaned up and setup to bolt in? thats a good price

Should of put it in my first post

the front wont be setup for a XJ but the rear should swap in with minimal work. 250 for just the rear is a bit steep but it does look clean and complete. if you dont have to change the brakes at all i’d offer him 150-200 tops and see if he takes it.

Thanks keeping this in mind an we will see what happens tomorrow to check them out.

Don’t screw around with a vacuum disconnect axle.

You might also consider looking for a Chrysler 8.25 which will bolt in and should be available for cheap.

Popped the diff off 8.8 and found a bunch of chewed up pieces metal in it I’m not going to bother with it.

The hunt begins again

I bought my spare 8.25 for $75. Lately I have seen them on NAXJA going for around $100. Just make sure that you get the 29 spline and not a 27 spline. If you do decide to go with a 8.25.

$150 at Hall’s Garage in Scituate:


Its from a '97 with 3.55’s. I’m not sure when the switch to 29 spline axles occurred. Starting with '96 maybe???

As far as gearing is concerned, if you need 4.10’s then you really need 4.56’s! :mrgreen:

Why stop there 4.88’s are even better :mrgreen:

If it came from a 96 classic chances are it is 29 spline.(the only reason I know this is because both of my axles cam form a 96 XJ classic) but anything 97 and up will have 29 spline.

Going to pick up a 8.8 w/ 410s an a locker $90 (needs crush sleeve). Might also be grabbing his d30 with matched gears. Gonna meet him after work tomorrow.
By the way they came out of an XJ.

nice score. i need to start looking for the same thing for my YJ

I hope it was not driven with the wrong pinion preload. . . Pull cover and closely check gears for wear.

Thanks Eric I’ll make sure to do that. Oh and I was wrong it’s a 8.25