so the brakes are squeeking, but only when driving. it stops when we step on the pedal… Caliper?

sounds like the wear indicator?

^ Sounds reasonable.

Almost certainly not the caliper. Something to do with pads rubbing against rotor. I normally just keep driving and the noise eventually goes away. :mrgreen:

Prob need new pads like bob said.

the first thing i do when i hear squeaky brakes is power wash the under side of the truck. sometimes its just some sand or a rock that might have gotten stuck. then take the tires off and inspect the pads and change if need be.

i can swing by this week and we can check it out. maybe just change them up.

He’s going to have his mechanic take a look at it on Wednesday… if you have time to stop by before that, that would be great. :unamused:

I can stop by today after work if you want. i dont have any tools with me but i can at least take a listen. it only takes about 30 minutes start to finish to change the brake pads.