Pulling my engine - Need an extra set of hands or two

On Saturday, I will be pulling my tired 258 in order to harvest the crank and rods for my 4.6 stroker build. I could use some help for an hour or two, MAX! Yes it will be cold, but what the hell! I have to get this out so I can get it all to the machine shop over the Christmas break. Should be easy, as I have already pulled many of the connections, manifold/intake, etc…

I have hockey with the kids until noon, so 1pm?

Mike if I wasn’t leaving for FL Friday I would love to help. How it goes smoothly

i’m suppose to be going to CT with the fam but not sure if it will be Sat or Sunday. i’ll be there if i’m going down on Sun.

I’m hoping to scout a new property on saturday morning. 1 pm might be a little early for me. 2 pm is more realistic.

Ill be down in the Riverside area, do you still need a hand?

Yes, still planning on pulling this on Saturday afternoon, starting at 12:30 or so. For anyone who can:

56 Barber Ave
Warwick, RI 02886

Cell 401-261-8621

Thanks to those that came by! We got it done in less than 3 hours!

I’m going to drop the new engine in on Saturday AM. Could use a hand or two if anyone is around Warwick. Goal is to get it mated to the tranny and set up in the motor mounts. I will still have a ton of wiring and plumbing to do, but that will be for another day.

looking good Mike. let me just check with the Mrs. but i should be able to swing by for a couple to lend a hand.

I’m planning to scout a property on Saturday but if that falls through then I can stop by.

Starting at 9am if anyone is around.

56 Barber Ave, Warwick

Scouting fell through. Roxie and I might be able to stop by after breakfast.

Fair warning: When I get involved in such things I usually represent an obstacle to progress . . .

I’ll just put you underneath the rig, because my jeep goes over obstacles! :smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue: :imp:

I just saw this, and Eric is outside cutting steel for the RTI ramp. It took him a while to get started, so I’m not interrupting him :wink:

It’s in.