Project: Silver Side Up

heres my build so far… hope ya’ll like it here’s the link to my offical build thread hosted on my local jeep club website click me!

heres the intial post from the build thread…(and ill update this post as i upgrade)

Links to Thread Hosted on the OSJ forum are listed in second post

YellowJK a.k.a. Ricky Bobby

Project: Silver Side Up :smiling_imp:
2005 Silver And Black TJ Sport With 4.0 And 6 Speed

This Is My Daily Driver! :laughing:

This Is My Jeep How It Was When I Bought Her (Jan 2008):

Mods She Had When I Bought Her:
3" BDS Lift Springs
BSD Standard Lower Control Arms
BSD Quick Disco’s
33" X 12.5" MasterCraft MT’s
Dick Cepek Wheels
Bushwacker 6" Flares


Still Stock:
AMC Inline 6 4.0 Litre :jester:
NSG 370 Six-Speed Manual Transmission With 4.46 First Gear
LP Dana 30 Front / LP Dana 44 Rear
NP231J Gears 2.72:1 Low Range

Current Crawl Ratio:
59.200256:1 (Still Way To High :brickwall: )

Current Mods:
Tera Flex Hand Throttle
3" BDS Lift Springs
BSD Adjustable Upper Control Arms With Super Flex Joints
BSD Standard Lower Control Arms
Extended Tranny Breather
TNT Customs 3" Flare Tube Fenders (DIY Hiline Job)
Fab Fours Jeep TJ Rock Sliders JP97-G1050-1
Poison Spyder Customs Crusher Corners With 3" Flare
4" Tractor Trailer LED Trail Lights
2 1/2" Amber Marker Light Turn Signals
5 Custom 55 Watt Rock Lights
Home Made K&N Warm Air Intake
Traded Full Doors For Half Doors
Removed Rear SwayBar
Home Made Pas Disco’s
Cobra CB With 108" S.S. Whip
Home Made CB Bracket
Stock NP231J to mod’ed NP231J Sawp with 2.72 Gears, SYE, Wide Chain, And Tera-2lo
Gen-Right Steering Box Skid Plate
Double Cardan Rear Dive Shaft
8,000Lbs Winch
Fab Fours Jeep Front Hardcore Bumper A1450
In Cab Winch Controls!
Side Post Battery
Custom Recessed Stock Bumper Backup Lights
Fixed Under Hood Light
Rugged Ridge HD Steering Tierod
Teraflex Steering Stabilizer
High Performance 3 Core Radiator
Dana 30 Aussie Locker
CJ7 Tail Gate, Old Skewl Chain Style
JK Horn
2" Receiver
37X12.5X15 Radial IROC’s Tires
15X8 5 on 4.5 Black Rockcrawler wheels with 3.75" of backspacing
4.88:1 D30 Ring & Pinion, and Install Kit
4.88:1 D44 Ring & Pinion, and Install Kit
Yellow Paint Job

The Next Step:
Rear Dana 44 Locker
Flat Belly Skid
Extended Brake Lines
6" TJ Lift Shocks
Limiting Straps

Some Future Mods/ Ideas:
Modify Lower Control Arms With Super Flex Joints
BTF Jeep TJ Full Cage Kit
4-Point Harness Belts
Suspension Seats
1 Ton Axles & Selectable Lockers
NP231/Dana300 Doubler Crawler Box
Front Axle Stretch
Gen-Right Crawler? SC Fuel Cell
Poly Performance Jeep TJ Weld-On 4-Link Rear Kit
Full Hydraulic Steering With Load Reactive Orbital Value

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Changing Dana 30 U-Joints
Rugged Ridge HD Steering
Aussie Locker Install
DYI Hiline TNT Tube Fenders
CJ7 Tailgate On A TJ

just ordered a new sticker! :laughing: … ccessories

well, i had some trail damage on sat. night (4-4-09)

my bent tie rod finally said that enough and bent enough to make it impossible to drive home. luckly digdug was there and he ran home and got his extra stock jeep tj tie rod, which i replaced in top of the hill with my rocklights providing more than enough light to work… then we drove to sinister’s house (less than a mile from the ride spot) to get the alinement close enough to drive home.

and today i when shopping and got some new parts.

i ordered a new 3 row radiator hopfuly this will solve all my overheating issues once and for all, and bought a rugged ridge HD tierod setup, a teraflex steering atablizer, and a dana 30 assuie locker.

nice! that thing def. looks like it’s taken a beating. i just installed a Crown HD steering setup. pretty easy. i was gonna just sell it off but after seeing this i’ll just stuff it into the shed and hope i never have to use it.

wow and i just noticed the steering stabilizer, you must have cranked something

just got my stickers in the mail… everyone needs a good sense of humor :laughing:

got a k&n on her now and shes breathing much better

and theres more to come this week end

dana 30 aussie

35" x 12.5" X 17" Copper Discoverer STT and some 17" rims…

4 33" x 12.5" and 1 35" x 12.5" tires stacked in the shed

so heres the deal, i only have 3" of lift, so i gotta modify :smiling_imp: lol

i think i’m gonna add a bump stop extensions to the front, possibly move the front fenders up 3", finally install some extended brake lines, install some 6" lift shocks to regain flex i lost, tack weld springs to bottom spring perches (or fab up some spring retainers) so they dont fall out, and trim around the back tire well.

also i have to modify my tire carrier, or build a tire carrier to carry the spare 35" tire

an lastly i can tell you that with my stock 4.0 and stock 3.73’s i can still do 75 (2250ish rpm in 6th gear) and i think that my mileage might of actually when up a little… :mrgreen:

nice… was thinking of going 35" then decided to go for more bit and less big 33" LBT’s

The best picture is the dude laughing at you…meanwhile he is holding a sippy cup…LOL :smiley: :laughing:

:laughing: good eye

yeah thats digdug… hes special, and he loves his sippy cup… it doesnt spill his drink when he drops it lol :laughing:

33"s were looking a little small for my jeep, also yall gonna hate me… i got these tires for FREE :mrgreen: …well after all is said and done i’ll brake even :smiling_imp:

Looks like you been a busy man, looks good tho congrats on your newest modification

ya, i like the look of the 35’s. i think thats what i’m gonna stop at :smiling_imp: whenever that happens :unamused:


i bought a set of 5 35’s and rims for $400, and this weekend a friend is buying my 33s and rims for $400… soo ill be breaking even :smiling_imp:

tuesday i got 16MPG city/highway :mrgreen: 35"s & 3.73:1 axle ratio

ya, i do better on my 31’s with 3.07’s then when i was on the stock 29’s

well i ordered a new cj7 tail gate … rtID=12958

and some hinges … parts=true

this will be the last part of the puzzle before i have to paint the jeep.

i am going to set the tail gate up like an old chain tailgate

also i have to remove or relocate the emissions charcoal canister and i got a little more trimming to do on the corners…

If you intend on passing inspection once you move back to RI your gonna want to relocate