pro comp lift?

anyone out their have one? any reviews? I’m looking at the DUAL SPORT 6 INCH LONG ARM LIFT KIT WITH FOX RESERVOIR SHOCKS?

i’ve had procomp springs under my TJ before they rode ok. i dont know anything about JK other and you dont have to go to tall to get bigger tires under there. a 2 inch lift can easily get you a set of 35’s under there. after that you really need to start looking at gearing and beefing up your axles.

this is very true… but i dont wanna just jam 35’s or 37’s under their you gain a big tire witch is good but you loose on flex big time…

and im the type of guy how says go big or go home lol :laughing: :laughing:

I have 6 inch lift under my tj can’t wait to lower it when you get your self on two tires more then four and that brown spot on the seat you will go humm whish I had four inch lift we do a lot of off camber stuff and have been saved many of times from rolling over one of witch was first work day for gtd thanks mike snd ricky and mike for keeping me on all four tires

lol… those brown spots are a pain to clean… but the 4 door as a mush longer wheel base. would this change your decision to keep the 6in?

pm troha, he doesnt get on the forum much. he has a 4 dr. not sure how tall his lift is but i think he runs 37’s

Pretty sure Mike’s lift is 4.5"

I can chime in with my opinion on the big giant lifts on jk’s.

I’ve got a rc 2.5" budget boost and I’ve got 315/75r16s on stock wheels with spidertrax spacers. Looking at it I won’t need to go too much higher on suspension lift. If you’re willing to buy fenders or chop up the stockers 35’s with a 2-3" lift is more than capable. The next mod ill do is rubi springs and shocks which should net me another .5". Once you go bigger than 3-3.5" you’ve gotta start replacing driveshafts and other components(especially if you’re an auto)

Beefing up the axles is a good piece of advice also. 35’s with a decent amount of wheeling needs at minimum welded trusses. 37’s on a d30 is typically frowned on. This info is just what I gather from reading. My axles are stock down to the 3.21’s

Just my opinion. I understand some people have different tastes.

Even with 35’s you want to gusset and sleeve or trust your front axle. Esp with 37. I have been doing a lot of reading of dana 60 in the front and 14 bolt in the rear. TNT customs makes a trust for the D60 for a jk that welds right on and has all your coils perches and stuff on it. You want the D60 out of F350.

i ran 37’s on stock axles for years.

honestly if your going to do a 1 ton an axle swap, you might as well address the suspension at the same time and just 3/4 link w/ coil overs :smiling_imp:

I would hate to cut all that crap off just to convert over.

The JK axles are apparently more prone to bending due to the extra length.

But I would agree, with a delicate foot and 35’s you could get quite a way down the trail with stock axles.

I sure hope that is the case…because I dont plan on doing trusses for quite some time lol.

ricky welded the gussets on my D30… that thing isn’t going anywhere