poping noise when i turn

All of a sudden I got a poping when I turn. I checked all my tie rods ends, drag link, track bar all of that. My friend was outside my jeep and he said it sounds like its coming from my diff. I know when I had my aussie locker installed when I turned I had a clicking noise which I was told by a few guys that’s the locker and its a good thing. Now I don’t have clicking and I have a lot of play in my front drive shaft. Could something have come loose with my locker should I be checking it after a few runs? There is like a 1/2" one way with my front drive shaft. Thanks guys


did you pop the cover off the diff. look inside see if you see anything obviously wrong. did you already change the ujoints? i would start there

increased backlash (slop) in the driveshaft is normal with an Aussie - mine was considerably more on both ends when I installed it.

I’d x2 on checking out your u-joints. My lockers are both so quiet now I only notice the click if I’m coasting around a corner.

axle-shaft u-joints were done a few weeks ago. Backlash is normal for this style of locker. I have almost a half turn of the driveshaft with my Detroit. Bad ball joints can also cause popping noises when turning.

my buddies rig had a similar problem…

when ever he turned (at a complete stop… im sure he had this problem while moving), his locker would make a loud pop sound, this was caused be the fact that he bent the short tube on his d30…

we ended up having to remove the locker and reinstall spyder gears…

hopefully you havent bent your axle