Polished turd on CL

Found these polished turds on Boston CL:


The price is right.

yeah, well that’s definitely fewer coins than I spent building my 8.8 - although I’m pretty safe up to 37’s if I lose my mind and go that big now.

man that would be a lot less them me regearing the D30 i have now. but it’s going to be a low pinion and i’d rather pay the money for a stronger axle at this point. but still a good deal

Yea, I was thinking about you when I posted the link. Save some money on the axles . . . lift, control arms, and 33’s . . . . hmmm.

And if you want to go about a bulletproof as possible on the steering without major surgery:


This is the system I am running right now.

my only problem with that is the passenger side attachment is the same as the crown setup i blew apart this weekend. i think i want serviceable ends all around. maybe its time to find some 44 knuckles and do high steer… man the money… :unamused:

good deal Derek!

Strength increase of HP vs LP is marginal at best; 5%-10% on the ring gear and everything else is the same. Biggest benefit of the HP is better driveshaft angle.

As far as the non-serviceable rod end, that was one of my first thoughts as well. But then again, for us its typically not slow death by wear over a 150K miles its sudden death by mutilation so if the rod end goes then chances are the rod goes with it.

email sent… :confused: … call made. on the list of interested buyers. hes having these taken off his rig to go to one tons. so once there off he’ll let people know. he has a set of 35’s he might get rid of too. told him i would take it all.

high steer is not high pinion… and i thought it was more like 30% stronger. not that makes that much difference either

Yes, high steer moves the steering linkage above the knuckle. But when you do that you also need to raise the trackbar (axle end) or lower the track bar (frame end) or else you get crazy bump steer. Plus most of the high steer kits want you to ream out the knuckles and so forth. It probably worth going high steer if you spend alot of time at places like Gretchens or Carnage . . . I saw our linkage taking a beating on those trails!

Definitely not. I know a couple engineers at the Dana torque & traction division and they gave me the numbers.