Polished rims

Got tired of posting Happy Birthday so I decided to post here ( :laughing: Eric) Does anyone know where my son can get some rims polished at a reasonable price?

So let me get this straight . . . oh, never mind . . .

polished? does he want them sandblasted and painted?

No, they are aluminum rims.

whats wrong with good old fashion elbow grease???


These aluminum wheels usually have some sort of coating on them. The coating wears through in spots and then you need to completely remove it before “polishing” the wheels. I went through this with the wheels on my car. Royal PITA. First I sanded off the coating with 120 grit wet/dry then started “polishing” with 200/400/800 grit wet/dry (in order to remove scratches from the 120). Finally applied some aluminum polish. I forget the exact name.

I’d never do it again. Unless you have lots of time on your hands its more cost-efficient to buy new wheels. . . and keep them clean at all times.