Plans for this weekend

Hopeing to have all the parts to do Moog tie rod ends, Moog STB steering stabalizer, JKS adj track bar with upgraded bushings and install the aussie locker in my D35 if anyone wants to come down and drink beers. Weather dependant of course. :smiley:

I’ll be around this weekend i think. i can probably stop by for a couple hours.

Should be up for that.

Where in RI are you?

Tiverton, right down the road from Jay (freejeep).
Not sure what day yet, I’m thinking saturday afternoon.
I work until 12, I should be ready to go by 1. I have gears to go into the rear end so if I can’t get thoes in i’ll be holding off on the locker.

:angry: Saturday is a no go, parts wont be here. I’ll keep you guys uo to date though, Thanks for the show of support, Rich