P-Bruins night out with OSJ - Friday, 4/19

$16 tickets. Payment due in advance.
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  1. Stacey
  2. Mike
  3. Matt
  4. Aimee
  5. Eric

Aimee and I are in, I will give you the money friday

Ask for section 116 me and lidsay are their as you all know every game

I’m in.

I think Stacy will be on a field trip to DC with her students.

NOTE: This is the night before the Big River clean-up.

DAMN!!! I will be at the stupid field trip. Stupid DC. It’s my vacation…I want to do vacationey things.

DC is an AWESOME city !

Please note… I believe this is the last season game for the Baby B’s.

Any other takers? Our hockey nights tend to be quite entertaining…

I just remembered that this is opening night of the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival.

Anthrax, Hatebreed, Exodus, and Shadows Fall will be taking the stage. I cannot miss this.

“Caught in a mosh”.

They are playing the Among the Living album in its entirety.

Really… I may have to rethink… loved that album!!!

sorry, guys… have to cancel. We needed 10 people.
Next year!

You mean this Fall!!

Lets say