Outboard TJ Rear shocks

Ok, If you were at the Clare event, you know how worried I am about my rear shock mounts being rotted…

I found a kit made by TnT that prodives a bracked and tab for each shock to mount them outside the frame rail via a bracket frenched into the frame.

I’m going to do this next week at a friends welding/fab shop (you all need to know Jimmy…) Anyone have any parting advice on this before I fire up the plasma cutter?

I am pretty sure I’ll need to get new longer shocks, but otherwise, I think it’s by the book. Im also pretty sure I’ll be replacing most of the fuel and brake lines too…

Best part is I’ll be able to tuck the lower tab behind the Cont/ arm tab on the axle.

Any notes, advice, or good voodoo would be appreciated. I’ll update with photos if anyone is interested.

I see u found what I was talking about :slight_smile:

Actually, its better because I was just going to repair the stock location. … this is a better fix. Thanks for pointing me in this direction !.. I think. …

are those the ones that you cut into the frame rail and box it with the shock mount?

Yes it is

I have a friend that did this with his TJ, he had no issues with the shocks after it was done.

sounds pretty cool. i know Clayton sells a kit but it’s way down on the priority list.

So, hidden pitfall, my frame is chopped and I need bigger shocks to make ends meet. $50 rush shipping of a pair of Rancho 9000XL’s it is… Gotta make it for this weekend!

About 4" longer eye-to-eye. I’ll post up the dimensions of the test once I get it straight.

Update, no issues because the kid I bought this jeep from put shocks that were too long anyway, so it fit just fine.

Wheeled all weekend, great on the highway.

Jimmy at Willis Motorsports in Portsmouth says he’ll do an install for $400 if you provide the shocks and kit. His number is 401-683-3009, always leave a message because he never picks up. He’s good for fabrication, excellent welding and even mechanic work. Good guy!

I love the kit, better clearance and a stable ride even at 70 with 4" lift.

Here’s a picture