Out in the garage today - Sat 11-9-13

I will be out in the garage today trying to wrap up all the little detail work on the AW4 install if anyone is bored and wants to stop by. Call or text me if your coming by as I need to run to RI Driveshaft on Jefferson Blvd at some point, if my driveshaft is finished today…

Park in driveway / out front and walk down to the bottom of driveway.


Good luck with the driveshaft, they take there sweetass time over there

just got back from picking it up… They did take their time but they do nice work… ok back to the garage…

What did they charge for the drive shaft?

It ended up costing me $190.00 for a cut and balance. It was going to be $140.00 but they noticed a broken tab on the double cardan joint. $50.00 for the piece I needed replacing was outrageous but it was Sat and I wanted the shaft back already…

Cockcroft in East Providence also specializes in driveshafts. Pricewise they are comparable to RI Driveshaft. Timewise its a world of difference. I normally drop off in the morning then pick up during lunch.

for the hassle, just order from Tom Woods. i’ve been to both and vowed to never go back to either.