OSJ Providence Bruins Night

Posted in the event section also. Please post up in that section if you want to go. Registered users who can not view the event section and would like to go sign up here. Jamie (fourwheelerjamie) is the point of contact for this event. Always a good time with OSJ and P Bruins

Thanks mat I need to figure out how to post this stuff my self for next time I also have good video from last trail ride I can email to someone to post up

OMG, not again. I’m still recovering from the last one!!

I’ll probably be there, but don’t count me for tickets. I will get mine from the team.

Pansy. You’ll be fine. The after-party gets you every time.

So for every one going does any one want to meet for dinner before the game

Of course.

I can call or stop in and get a table at the Trinity brew

Can’t make it. Working 3 HS games at Thayer