OSJ PBruins Night

Hello All It’s Jess,
I saw that the PBruins are having a “Pink in the Rink Night.” Admission is $17 with $5 of that being donated to breast cancer research. We should all wear pink and go!!
There’s more details here: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid … nt_count=1

Sounds like a great idea to me.

I will be their its always a great game. I have season tick on the glass. If you guys are going to get tickes try for 116 section. It is wear I sit great seats

it would be fun to go as a group. maybe Stacey can talk to Jeff with the PBruins to get us some decent seats. the sooner we can get commitments to go the better the seats we get. Seeing as how the game is 3 weeks away maybe have the deadline for group tickets be this friday.

ill email him tomorrow

Im down!

Not sure about wearing pink though . . .

Calling Mike Lanni . . .

Haha he would i might bring him im not sure yet because of the last time we went.