Ocean State Jeepsters 2nd Annual Clam Boil

Ocean State Jeepsters will be hosting their 2st Annual Clam Boil on Saturday June 8th 2013 from 12:00-6:00 at the picturesque Seaconnet Sportsmans Club at 145 Sakonnet Dr. in Portsmouth, RI. On the menu will be steamed clams, chowder, sweet corn, potatoes and chourico. This event is open to the public and space is limited so be sure to get your tickets early. Tickets will be $25 a person.

The easiest way to get tickets would be to send an email to clamboil@oceanstatejeepsters.com. and we will direct you to the paypal page for payment and we will mail out tickets a couple weeks before the event.

Facebook event is made, start inviting your friends!!!

I’ll be there!!!

Me too.

I’m there!!

What if you want to go, but you won’t be eating?

I will be there…sent an email to the address above…

If you don’t like clams there will be other offerings available (chourico, burgers/dogs, etc.)

I think Derick is making the tickets as we speak. Once done, tickets will be available at all events or they can be delivered. Ideally all members will buy one and sell a few more to friends/relatives. If everybody can sell just a few then the event will be a sellout again this year.

Last year we had a grille going with burgers and dogs for the kids or those who do not like clam boil. It should be kept in mid that a clam boil is cooked with hot dogs, chourico, sausage, potatoes and onions all in same pot…along with the clams.

Great thanks!

I sent an email to clamboil@oceanstatejeepsters.com but haven’t heard back. Should there be a confirmation email or is that yet to come?

sorry glenn, i got that email and was in florida at the time…forgot all about it. i believe you can paypal the funds and tickets will be reserved and/or mailed to you. be sure to include your address if you paypal, we can mail the tickets if needed

Not a problem at all… so do I send payment to clamboil@oceanstatejeepsters.com or to a different paypal account?

Different account. Send it to OSJTreasurer@yahoo.com and make sure to include your name and how many. As well as $1.75 for the fee OSJ will be charged. Once you send it in I’ll add your name to the list of people that have paid.

payment sent

Got it. You’re on the list.

next order of busioness:

this event is now less than 3 weeks away. as of now we have 90/110 tickets left for sale, it’d be nice to see more members attend this year and have a strong showing of jeeps along the river at the sportsman. tickets can be purchased directly from me, or payment can be sent via paypal to OSJTreasurer@yahoo.com, be sure to include the added paypal fee as well as your name and address so tickets can be reserved in your name. i hope everyone can make it, this should be a great time


I got the “girls in jeeps” facebook page to share it, They have 20k followers or something ridiculous, And I may have sold a ticket to the girl who runs the page :mrgreen:

Did you get my payment for two tickets?

Yes, I have you on the will call list.