OBD Code Reader

Have a 95 F150 that’s causing me fits. Anybody have a code reader I can borrow for an evening and a six pack? I’d take it to the garage, but it’s randomly stalling and I’m concerned about getting stranded.

Autozone lets you borrow them for like a 25 dollar deposit

Yeah, I’m going to call again. I asked about an OBD II which they said they only did at the store… of course mine’s an OBD I - the reader is only $31 to buy. Will see if they’ve got a loaner on my way home.

Are you sure about it being obd? OBD2 started in 95…if its not obd2 you can do some paperclip trick that will tell you what the codes are through the check engine light flashing.

obd2 started in 96. there are some 95s that are and some not. my bronco is a 95 and it is obd1
oh and no i dont have one. sorry. they wouldnt let me take it from the shop i already asked

I got it…

Did the old ground the terminal and read the check engine light. Only two codes this time so I actually got them. Last time there were 7 and it ended up being a jumbled mess.

PIP sensor is bad. it controls the spark from the distributor. Looks like a new distributor is in the works… so much for Superior shafts for the 8.8 this month.

Advance auto has scanners also :wink: they can test it for you

Yeah, but the problem is I don’t know if I can get it there and back. It’s an OBD1 anyway (under the hood) so I was able to get the codes last night. Advance only has OBD2 scanners

That was what I meant by the paper clip trick…glad you figured it out…

Hit up a boneyard for the distributor…itll be cheaper than buying new…and for the 20 bucks youll spend if it lasts for a couple of months its good.

So… long story short… after 2 days of almost calling AAA, and 3 days at the mechanic (running perfectly of course) I finally diagnosed the problem tonight.

I’ve got a bad stator in the distributor.

Only an hour job to put in a new distributor, but I’ve got to set the timing… never done that before - anybody around tomorrow with experience who wants to help me do it in trade for a few beers and lunch? It looks pretty straightforward, but I’m always looking for morale support (or knowledge) when I tackle something the first time.

Did you get it timed?

I may be able to come by, dont know how much help ill be

ill be around tom afternoon if u still need a hand

It’s in… running solid now.

Interesting problem though. The stupid timing marks and indicator are about 10 o’clock on the front of the block… which is directly under the alternator and AC. I thought about getting a mirror to try and read it from under the engine. but…

Took the reading before taking it apart, and marked a reference point on the balancer. Got the new distributor in (with very careful marks on the old distributor and the housing for reference points) and checked it… was VERY close from just dropping it in carefully.

I talked to my brother who had a way of setting the timing “by ear”. Basically finding the knocking point of the motor (gotta listen close) then backing off 3 degrees. I’m going to play around a bit with fine tuning it, but so far it’s worked fantastic. Pulled a few more horsepower out of it too.

nicely done. i’ve never done that myself and wouldnt have a clue where to start.

Well, I’ve got some experience and a timing light now. :wink:

now i know who to nudge if i ever have to do my timing :mrgreen:

so ur all set then?

Yeah, thanks John