Oakland Beach Car show - Every Tuesday

The Oakland beach car show starts Tuesday 5/21/13. Is anyone planning on going? I know last year it was a weekly thing

I will be there around 6 or so

I’m typically hit and miss all summer long, but tomorrow I will not be able to make it. But the next nice Tuesday that I’m available, I’m sure to see you there!

I’ll probably drive through if I get out of work early enough. Been waiting for these shows to start back up again.

Me mike and ricky and gene might sould be thrir almost every tuesday

I’m up for going to these…maybe drag Eric down for one or two to hang out (do they serve martinis there?)

I can’t make this week (LAST grad class! Wooo hoo!) and next (Prom) - but after that I’ll be all sorts of free!

Sounds good, ill be there just after 4

Eric made it a bunch last year

Im in Vienna this week but will definitely be making some appearances this summer. First order of business is making my Jeep street-driveable again.

We cant park on the rocks

That seems to change every week. Either way, not a big deal

We’ll bring our own rocks lol

We can still try parking on the rocks

RTI ramp

Yess! Lol

Car show guys love it… but the warwick cops dont lol

They will get over it

Is anyone going tomorrow/what time? I should be out of work early enough tomorrow so I’ll probably take a drive through…


I will be their

My Jeep is going down for some much needed TLC. Back on the road before the June camp n wheel.