Oakland Beach Car Show - Every Tuesday

oakland beach car show tonight at 5…ill be there gene will be there any one else

Gotta work on my rig. Once I’m back together I will become a regular.

what u working on doing now is it all apart?

Trying to get a suspension installed.

Anybody planning to be at Oakland Beach this week? Now that I have a running rig I was thinking about making my first appearance.

Im sure Jamie and i will be there.

yup! But late as always.

i might make a trip down there this week. we’ll see if i can get Mila out for her first topless Jeep ride

If this works out, we can move her on to beer pong! :open_mouth:


Me and mike will be their

i think i am going to take my jeep down tonight i have never been down there. but now she’s sitting pretty on 33’s and a 4" long arm kit

cool Josh, see you down there

I might swing by to catch up with you guys and meet the baby! Depends on how things go when I get home.

awesome Bob! hopefully you can make it down, would be good to see you again.

Darn I’m in nk but I don’t have the jeep today

I might be coming - even though the Fancy Jeep is a bit muddy and needs a vacuum :wink:

I’ll be arriving in slow motion. For some reason my rear driveshaft looks like a candy cane.

Ill be there but i’ll be on my Harley

great to see everyone as always