NP 231 transfer case

Just checking to see if anyone has one lying around before I have it rebuilt or if anyone has any suggestions

There was one on craigslist recently for 100.00 in Attleboro which isnt to far from you. They have it listed as a NP-231J…not sure what the J stands for… might be worth a call to him.

J stands for Jeep.

They should be easy to come by. Stick to 96+ since there were some differences in the earlier models. I’ve got them from North Smithfield Auto for $100.

What’s wrong with yours?

Did a quick search on car-part.

Halls Garage in Scituate and Ruggeri in West Warwick have them from 96+ Cherokee 4.0’s for $100.

I have one for spare parts. What do you need to rebuild on it?

Thanks everybody. It gives me a great place to start
Hope to be ready for the sawmill

you can check with Jeeps Unlimited in Prov as well. also there will be a swap meet up at the GTD in NH next weekend.

Thanks Derick. Jeeps unlimited does have some. They even have a 90 day warranty

don’t you have a sye in your tcase.cant just buy a tcase and toss it in.what is rong with yours???

tell them you are with OSJ and if your talking to the right person they will help you out

but as Paul said, what exactly is wrong with your tcase

I did that yesterday and they looked at me like I had 2 heads did nothing to help me out…and again there is a SYE in the tcase he will have to change it over to a new case its easer to rebuild the case if your going to take it apart any ways

You were not talking to the right person . . .

And I concur. What is wrong? Its very rare for these t-cases to need a rebuild. The bearings last forever. The pads on the shift forks sometimes wear out, a seal might occassionally leak, and the syncronizer might get a little mangled but thats about it. The only problem I’ve ever had is the occassional exploding case but then thats not a rebuild situation. :mrgreen:

I took my jeep in to have the rear pinion bearings replaced. However they informed me he thinks the transfer case may be shot as it is very loud and leaking. I also had developed significant drive train vibration which I have never had any prior to the last 2 weeks. it has always had a howl that I assumed was the rear pinion bearings. I called my friend whose shop it is, L and S auto and told him about the sye. Therefore he is going to take the transfer case apart and see what it looks like. He has Experience in rebuilding them in the past, however as of late since they are so readily available used, he generally just replaces them.

The chain was fine. The bearings were bad
I should be ready for the sawmill