Not new but saying hi.

Hello Everyone.

Those of you that may remember me and for those that dont my name is Chris. I live in Johnston. I used to be part of OSJ a while back when I had my old XJ’s. Since then there have been quite a few vehicles but there is another jeep in my stable.

Its a 07 JKU. Complete minivan status. Right now its got “33” "(2857516) Hankook Dynapro M/Ts on it. Future plans are doing the “fender mod” and a spacer lift of some sort( Ill never be going over 35’s).

FYI for those who have never driven one…these 3.8’s are pigs. I never thought there’d be a day where I wished I had a 4 liter again.

Anywho, Hi all.

welcome back.

Thanks for dropping in.

Now wheel that pig! Lets hear it squeeeeeellllll!!

welcome back Chris. nice looking rig. gotta update that profile pic with the new rig. we have a ton of new people and a great rest of the year planed so hopefully we’ll see you out at a couple.

Welcome back

Welcome back Chris!!! We missed ya! :slight_smile:

Sorry Derick I wont change my avatar lol. It reminds me of the happy times I had with the XJ.