not a jeep but my ranger from start to now

This is my ranger and most of the mods I can remember as of now
99, 3.0, 4x4, 7.5 rear end, 4.10 gears,

Engine # 3
Front hitch
Show bar – have made the frame connector yet so it only for show now
Explorer axles and hubs
3 inch body lift

well first was the engine –
1st lasted untill 108700 mile - lost the oil pump and didnt notice untill it was to late
2nd lasted 300 mile – junk yard motor – wont buy from there anymore
3rd engine – still in it work great little noisy lifters but runs fine
pics are of the 2nd coming out and the 3rd going in

next was the winch and front hitch

now i fixing the rotted frame area’s
this is what me and bigdog found

the new fuel tank cross menber we fab’ed up

and the new shock crossmenber and shock location

And some of my welds on this project
I ran out of wire and got the next size up went to .030 wire and the welds started to look like this
If you look at the other welds in some of the other pics I wasn’t satisfied with them but couldn’t figure out why they were coming out looking so bad wire size .025. With the new size I like these welds a lot better and way better penetration

i like the winch mount, It looks factory

nice looking rig

I always run .035 with with 25/75 co-argon gas with good results.

Looks good :sunglasses:

desided to cut the body a little bit

made a little bumper its not done but need the truck back

had to see how much flex i have with the new shock location

nice! you’ll save the quarters from taking a beating from underneath, looks heavy