New to you from North Attleboro!

Hey there, been on and off the site a bit and I know I’ve seen a lot of OSJ stickers around! Well I’ve got an 05’ TJ on 35’s and it’s lime green! Love to beat the poor thing up but it seems to handle anything I throw at it. Hopefully I can make some time and throw in an app, I’d like the opportunity to meet some new people and go on some runs with you too

Welcome. Nice rig

Welcome. Trail ride coming up on the 16th.

Welcome to the forum.



Come join us on the 16th and welcome

Thanks a lot so far everyone! Eric, I don’t know if you remember me but I’ve talked to you a bit over on JF. Looking forward to it and maybe I’ll be able to make it on the 16th!

welcome to the group, nice rig

Derick I think I read in another intro thread that you’re the Jeep in Plainville? I always wondered who’s that was… Nice setup


thanks, ya thats my rig. it goes when it wants to. always something more to do though.


Love the green color! I’m jealous of the 35s…can’t wait to lift mine! Welcome!

Well what are ya waiting for!? We can make 'em fit!

Haha. Lift is waiting for cash, but I won’t do 35’s. I live in the North End of Boston - and I learned through parking the CJ that parallel parking on 35s is a bitch and a half. 33’s will be my big size. :wink:

welcome Hope to see you out

Thanks again! How do I get involved to try to get out and meet some of you guys? (And gals) And about this event on the 16th?

Welcome. We are from NA too.