New to the site!

What’s going on everyone…just joined the site today, seeing what you guys are all about. I sold my crawling /trail rig about 5 years ago but just picked up a 81 cj5. Im new to the cj game and carbed engines but would like to get back in the scene. Also have a 2011 Sahara as one of my DD’s. Im from the dartmouth/westport area and Look forward to hanging out and Gettin in on some trail rides etc.
Thanks, Matt

welcome Matt, looking forward to seeing a CJ in the club. We have a Pig Roast this weekend in Portsmouth, come on out and meet some of the crew if you have the time.

Also make sure to submit and app and we’ll open up some more section of the forum for you including the events section.

Welcome to the forum Matt…

HI Matt and Welcome to the forum!

Ah Hem…Don’t you mean ANOTHER CJ? :imp:

Welcome to the forum.

Thanks guys! I will be joining in the near future. Prob send in the app next week. Wish I could make the roast, But have some prior plans.

:blush: his is a 5 though

welcome to the forum


Welcome to the forum Matt.