New to the Northeast

Like the subject says, just moved here from overseas, Guam to be more precise. I’m active duty Navy and will be around for the next four years. Currently running around in an 03 TJ. Few mods but no lift yet. How are the mod rules for the state? Plan on dropping an application soon and hope to see a few of you around.

Remember to wave!!

Welcome to the forum. As far as I know with a TJ you can lift it about 3" to 4" with 33" tires and be fine.

Welcome to the forum, Chief! Hope to see you around.



Welcome to the forum!



welcome Chef

i own a 06 TJ with about a 4" lift and dont have any problems getting inspected. as long as it isn’t obnoxious they’ll pass you.

Welcome! Get your app in so that you can see the tons of events going on (including wheeling this weekend!)

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forum and back to the States.

Just dropped an app… Let me know. I think my weekend is free.

mine is no sex with it 6 inches and run 35 inch tiresI had no problem getting inspected and did not even have to pay somebody on the sidethat’s a straight up inspection

And autocorrect strikes again. :laughing:

Yup voice text lol

Hmmm…that doesn’t work with stories I’ve heard :wink: :laughing:



Hey, I remember my days in Guam and all of the BBQ’s! Welcome to the club and hope to meet you at an event. If not there at the NEX you can find me, Look for the red lifted JK.


Hmm I bought my TJ from a navy family, It came from Guam lol