Just want to say thanks for letting us aboard, and that my wife and I are looking forward to riding with you. I,m Joe and my wife is Vickey.we have 7 jeeps in the family between us and the kids, 5 wranglers and 2 zj,s. mama sports the 4dr jk with 6 inches of lift and 35.s I,m almost done building my yj with a cj nose and gate, soa, with a sbc . I do jeep parts daily so if anyone needs some thing I may have it or can get it just ask. look forward to seeing you on the ride this Sunday

Wow, 7 Jeeps! I can barely keep 1 running!!

Welcome aboard. See ya Sunday!.

Thats why I deal Jeep parts. to help keep the going!!

welcome aboard Joe, I need a single tj body mount bushing if you or anyone else has one.
Hope you can make it on sunday.

Welcome to the forum Joe,we’ll see you Sunday

Welcome aboard! I am new to the club as well and everyone is great and friendly! See you Sunday.

Welcome to the forum.

glad to see you made it over Joe

Welcome Joe! See you Sunday!


[size=150]HELLO :exclamation: :exclamation: [/size]