New to the group

Hey guys. Brand new to the group. This is my second jeep after a long and painful 5 year hiatus. Got a 2010 Rubicon 4 door in orange. I’m excited to hit the trails, let me know when the next ride is!

sweet looking Jeep, we’ll make sure your kept in the loop


Welcome to the forum, nice looking heep :sunglasses:


Welcome to the JK sickness. The bug seems to bite everyone who owns one of these and wheels it.

Welcome. Any plans to modify or will you run it as is?


From one JKer to another, Welcome to the forum!


Thanks guys. Definitely looking to modify it. Gonna stay stock for a bit to see its limits (new to the rubicon). It will be a daily driver so probably looking 2-3 inch lift with 35’s. Can’t wait to hit the trails with it!

Talk to Steve (Texsdream77) before you do anything… he is our resident JK-go-to-guy. He will teach you the right way to do things.

First step is skids - (evap canister) - and Rocker Guards - get rid of the plastic steps: They will shatter on the first rock. We have been very happy with ours. (see my signature for what Steve told us to get) :laughing:

Thanks Stacey. I am looking at rock sliders now, as armor is the first thing I want to get done. I took a look at the ones in your sig and they look pretty cool. How do you like them?

Love them. Easy install… they took a beating, that’s for sure. Just a little rust right now, but other than that, they are great. Saved us many times from (bad) body damage. Besides, the rust is like a check mark on the “I hit that” list. :laughing:


and kept going

Question? If that is a Rubi, where are the rock rails on the sides? Does it have the front/rear locker buttons as well as the sway bar disco button on the dash???

It does have the swaybar disco and axle locks on the dash. I got it used and I think the people who had it before me put those on (it was a corporate lease). Rock sliders are on my radar as soon as my tax return clears. Looking to get the off road evolution ones. Know anywhere around that is good with a welder?

Derick has a friend that might be able to help you out. He welded my frame stiffeners and rear axle for me.

he’s welded a bunch of stuff for my recently. let me know what you looking to weld and i’ll see if he’s up to it.

This thread on JK forum shows closeups of where it needs welding. Basically three plates on each side. … ck-Sliders