New to the Forum

Hello all,

I have been waiting to join this club for about two months now. When I started looking to buy a new vehicle I started looking at the Jeep clubs out there and it made me realize I needed to get a Jeep again. Last week I picked up my third Jeep in 15 years (of course it is 4 doors…have a family now), and now i am looking to hit some trails, get some scratches on the new paint and adding new mods as my bank account and wife allow me to.


welcome Chris. we’ll get you out there, we have a trail ride each month so i’m sure you’ll get your chance. Just check the events thread for upcoming outings

Welcome !

Welcome Chris!!!

welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the forum, Chirs! Nice to meetcha!


You’re my new favorite if one of your first goals is to get scratches on the paint!! :smiley: Welcome!

Welcome to the forum Chris…