New to the forum from Southern RI (Westerly area)

Just traded in my 05 Tacoma TRD for an 08 Rubicon unlimited, still stock as of now but looking forward to getting involved in some of your events, sems like a great group. Met a dude named Cody James last week, he mentioned the group and reccomended I join.

Welcome to the forum. We have a few events coming up in the next few weeks.

Welcome to the forum… nice to “meet” you…
What’s your name and lets see some pics of the rig. :wink:

welcome, thanks for stopping in to say hi. make sure to fill out and submit an app and we can open up some additional sections on the forum for you including the event section. we have a club meeting in a couple weeks and trail rides every month. a couple of us will be at Oakland Beach tomorrow, if your around you should swing by and introduce yourself.


It does not take much to build a Rubicon into a very capable rig on the trail.

Where about in the westerly area? I kinda grew up down there.

Thanks for the welcome everyone, guess I forgot to put my name, I’m Mike. Hey RL_139 I am over near the Hospital in Westerly, a couple of miles from Misquamicut.
I will be submitting my application soon for the group, looking forward to meeting everyone.


hey Mike glad to see you joined up.

I used to live on the other side near ashaway