New to OSJ

Hi my name is eric and i just joined OSJ. I am excited to be able to go 4wheeling with you guys. i have a flat black 1995 Cherokee sport with minor mods as it is still a project jeep. some of you guys might have seen it driving around lol its hard to miss with no front doors and an exhaust stack going up the passenger side :slight_smile:

HA! haven’t seen it but looking forward to it. keep an eye on the open events and general forum sections for up coming events and we’ll make sure to send you and invite next time we wheel.

haha yea i will and thankx i look forward to meeting you guys :slight_smile:

welcome to the forum.

Welcome! Looking forward to seeing you on the trail.

Welcome. How did you find us?

I saw you guys listed on and thankx for the welcomes :slight_smile: cant wait to hit the trails with u guys

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to OSJ

thank you its good to be a part of OSJ. i look forward to wheeling with u guys


WElcome to OSJ. Haven’t been around alot myself lately, but nice to “meet” ya.


welcome :sunglasses: