New Tires

anybody have any suggests on a place to go for tires. i’ll need (4) 285/75/16 tires

looking at

Open Counrty A/T

I bought my duratrac’s from They had the best pricing at the time…

how do you like them?

They are great on the highway and so far haven’t let me down off road. I would recommend them especially if you do a lot of road driving.

My buddy Jason at Tellstone’s can probably get them for you. He can usually get almost any kind of tire and if you tell him I told you to go there he’ll give you a good deal.

I have Duratracs on my truck (285/75R16). They will be much better in the snow than BFG AT’s. They are also load range E.

I’ve bought several sets from For the most part they generally have the best pricing, although the set I just bought for the truck came from eBay. Almost $100 cheaper for the set than any other site was offering

Oh, and both my trucks I’ve run the BF all terrains. Good all around, wear well and load e avail, although not necessary for a jeep

i have E’s now they did well but its time to retire them at about 70-80K miles on them.

Firestone over by me seems to have the best deal on BFG’s at $975 installed. I might be able to get better because at this point they know me… :unamused:

try Elias 4x4

i will, but being 2+ hours away i’m sure will negate any deal they can give me