New Springies

So, end of this week i’ll end up order some 3.5" springs. The pucks aren’t bad, but the extra 1/2" or so is helpful and gets me ready for 33’s as well as fender trimming. So this will be the next project then on to the 8.8. So if anyone wouldn’t mind teaching and helping a nice young fella who comes with beers that’d be great. Will be looking probably for friday the 12th or saturday the 13th.

i’ll know better when the date gets closer but i might be able to swing by for a couple hours

i’m more then happy to come to you or anyone else who is willing. Might be easier if you have more tools and space then I actually. Will also need the knowledge/help with getting track bars and caster lined up properly. My driveway isn’t close to flat so that would make it more difficult lol.

I’d recommend:


uhh link no work. tells me to log in. then i do and it takes me back to board index

Check Announcements in the Jeep Tech forum.

I’m not sure why this Public Event ended up in the Jeep Tech forum.

I assuem you mean the july 13th tech day? I mean if we can work on mine too that’d be great lol

I live in a condo so I can’t do it here. The work should be pretty easy just start on blasting all the bolts now