New shocks

Got my replacement shocks yesterday. Unfortunately, no time to measure for the limit straps so I will probably have to wheel the Fall Crawl without them. Ugh.

without what? the shocks or the straps?

Without the straps . . . which means taking a chance at pissing $175 worth of shocks down the drain again.

what do you need to do to make limiting straps?

find ultimate droop, measure for the length of strap, frame mount, axle mount

Yes. Plus some sort of turnbuckle is included to fine-tune the length.

did you buy premade straps? i can help you out on Monday if you want. i have to finally finish up my spring hold down clips too. the rush is on.

I have not bought the staps yet. Need to measure first. They come in fixed lengths; usually at 1" intervals. Plus I need to decide what kind of tabs will be needed, weld them on, and so forth. Maybe I will just wheel without shocks. . .

The old junk:

New shocks installed:

Looks like I will roll the dice and wheel without limit straps at the Fall Crawl next weekend.

just make sure ur brake lines arent acting as ur limiting straps. werent u scrambling to get ur shocks in time for fall crawl last year???