New shake..any ideas

Ok this is going to be long but hoping the story will give some enough info to help figure out my shake.

When I hit a bump I used to get the death wobble so in an effort to fix I replaced my drag link because the old one was bent by the pitman arm. I also replaced the steering stabilizer with a new HD one and also put in a new steering box because mine was leaking. In changing it I damaged my high pressure hose going to the power steering reservoir and in the process I also broke the nipple on the reservoir so I replaced that. In the process of replacing the reservoir I removed and put back on the serpentine belt and power steering pump.

Ok now onto what I did in the rear end. My passenger side was almost 2 inches lower than drivers side so I replaced both rear coils and shocks. The jeep has a 2 1/2 inch lift with a 2 inch coil spacer so when changing out the shocks and after contacting skyjacker I realized the previous shocks were designed for the 2 1/2 lift and didn’t account for the 2 inch coil spacers so I installed the socks designed for a 4. 1/2 lift. I also noticed when underneath the 2 small nuts that attach the driveshaft I think it’s called the u joint strap they were lose so I tightened them…

Ok so here is the issue (sorry so long) when I now drive the jeep when I get into 3rd gear around 2k rpm I get a bad shake. Not in the steering wheel but it’s the entire jeep dashboard shakes like mad. I am taking it for an alignment this week but this sounds more like a possible driveline issue. When it’s shaking and i push in the clutch he shaking stops…

Any theories

The exact same thing was happening to me a month or two ago. Then it stopped. Never found out what it was. Good luck!

I kinda like the idea of just waiting it out and hoping it stops. Hell I have been waiting for 5 years for my ride on lawn mower clutch to fix itself so pretty sure I can wait out this shake.

Sounds like a clutch issue.

But it only started after doing all this work? Maybe its a pinion angle issue? Or you can just skip 3rd gear. :mrgreen:

Sounds like pinion. If the Jeep was riding fine before the new springs and now that it’s higher than it was the control arms may need to be re adjusted.

Just strange it didn’t happen before I did all this work. Only thing I did was replace rear coils with same size coils but the shocks are a bit longer… Hmmm guess I better hope to win the SYE in the fall Crawl raffle

How would I know if the control arm needs to be adjusted? Or a better question is how do I adjust them… Aww crap guess I will just need to skip 3rd gear as suggested it would be easier

You mentioned you had a loose u-joint strap. Check the u-joint for damage and or play.

I’ll bring my angle finder with me tomorrow night. If your arround? Ill also bring your axle shaft that I have. And maybe we can figure it out. Your old springs
might have been sagging so much that it fixed the alignment before the adjustment.

I’m in new Hampshire tomorrow night for a wake but I will be around on Thursday night if you have time… I don’t know much about the angles so it would be appreciated

I will check that first thing in the morning

I can do Thursday. I’ll text you that day to let you know what time.

start by taking the front driveshaft out and drive it. then try the rear. if you dont have an SYE and have a 4" lift you most likely have pinion angle issues. i can drop off my angle finder if you need it. i’m having some wobble as well i think i have some control arm work ahead of me as well.

Good idea… I will try removing the shafts and see if that is the issue. I will start with the back considering it started after I changed the shocks and coils in the rear.

I have transfer case drop blocks for both .75" and 1.5" drops. you can use these to correct drive line angles

Thanks Ricky. It’s in getting an alignment today and tomorrow going to check the angle of my current set up when I get back from NH. I will reach out to you if I need them thanks

worse case stop at Home Depot and get a bunch of washers and drop your tcase 1/2"-1"

It does currently have the t case drop from skyjacker 2 1/2 lift but I think the previous owner didn’t compensate for the 2" coil spacers also and it may need more

Get an SYE. T-case drop = less ground clearance.

Ugh my problems keep mounting. Looks like I blew the clock spring when changing the steering box…anyone changed one of these yet? :angry: