New Parts

Picked up my new starter today, hopefully i can install it tomorrow
Plus I Just got me a Flat fender DIY kit … Y-Kit.aspx

nice Jeff! let me know how they go together for you.

did you still want those motor mounts? they cost me 139 plus tax and shipping. you can have them for $120 … _TJ_LJ.htm

I will, No thanks, 4wd hardware has Currie mm lifts for 90.00 & free shipping so im probably gonna go with those in a few weeks


Nice deal on the fenders.

Love the fenders… I want some too!

Now I know where to get fenders from! Good deal!

Scheduled Delivery:
Monday, 02/20/2012, By End of Day

Also just ordered

1" Motor Mount Lift by Currie Enterprises


Body Lift System by JKS™
from 4wd hardware

Scheduled Delivery: Tuesday, 02/21/2012

Im smelling a tech day soon