New member Middletown

HI to all,

I’m John or “JJ” Silvia.
I’m running a 98 TJ 2.5 hard top
4" RC SA lift, 32" BFG TA

I’m in Middletown, near Sachuest Beach.

Feel left out of the “woodsy fun” being an islander. I do frequent the sand trails of East beach and qualified for my State beach oversand pass for this year. I’ve played a couple times rock climbing in Tiverton, but I havent met too many Jeepers out this way just yet.

Hope to get involved with some fun.


welcome JJ

we’ve had a great half a year so far. you came in just at the right time because we have a ton of things going on in the next couple weeks.

Whoaaa, take that back! I am sure you see my jeep around these parts of middletown! haha…

There are a few of us here on the island! What part of middletown?

I am near ABC.

Well if I would finish reading I would have seen where in middletown. I am off tuckerman and purgatory road…

You are closer to the beach than I am! Im at mitchells ln and wyatt rd. Surely you’ve seen my chili pepper RC 98!

Welcome to the forum, JJ! Nice to meet cha!

i’m pretty sure I have seen yours around… there are jeeps every where here on the island, but very few that actually look like they take it off the pavement!

Well I take that as a compliment! The hood mount jack, flares lift and wheels make it stand out against the grocery-getters here. I’ll be on the lookout for yours now.

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome. Hope you can make it to the August camp-n-wheel.

Wish I could… A bit too short notice to swing, but ive got my sights on September and maybe the Clare rally. Clare is close to me (rally might not be…) But ill get out there sometime soon!

Welcome to the forum

HI JJ - welcome to the forum.

Welcome aboard

Hey were you at the cafe by the bridge yesterday? I think I saw your jeep…

Yup, that plaza is where my gym is. If it was after 6, it was me.

Yea that was you! I’ve seen your jeep before…

Anyone else on the island going to fall crawl?

I am trying to get registered now…

Is it to late to get you to come tou PA tomorrow???

welcome jj

sorry to hear you have a 2.5L :frowning: