New Jeep?

I’m go8ng to check out this jeep right now. Not too familiar with the YJ or 4cyl engine. Anything I should specifically look at?

dont get a 4 cyl

Are they really that bad. It seemed to have a decent amount of power. Tires were in good shape, almost no rust. Looks like it would make a good trail rig by the time the Rausch trip comes.

if/when your going to want to go with bigger tires (and i know you will, 33’s min.) your going to have to regear and deep which will require to actually do the regearing rather than finding a junkyard swap. but that’s just my opinion. Freejeep (jay) has a 4cyl YJ

my 4cy has 196k on it, runs great, however…IT HAS NO BALLS. regeared to 488, a bit more driveable, but none the less. not that you really need a ton of hp if you plan to wheel, but when you start throwing on larger tires, body armor, bumpers and such, hp helps a bit, especially if you plan to drive it at all on the road. look around for a 4.0L, there’s plenty out there

Thanks for the input guys.

I found an 02 with only 79k on it. Super clean and zero rust. Just waiting on the ok from the bank. If that falls through I may not have a choice on this one.

how much are you looking to spend?

Also I told him the most I’d be able to come up with was $2500 and he said that would be fine.

be patient. make sure to look the frame over really well. seems ive seen a shit load with lots of rot lately. a friend of mine here in tiverton does a lot of jeep repairs/upgrades. most of the frame damage ive seen is on tj’s

Cash between 2000-2500.

Finance no more than 10ish

find yourself a nice cheap 6cyl even if its stock. the more stock it looks the less it probably got beat on. there are some nicely built rigs to but watch out for hack jobs and rust. be a patient, they are out there

Im with DerickW on this one. Dont rush into anything. Stay away from the 4 banger just no power.

Do some searching around. Try to think of a long term goal of the wheeling you want to do.

I gotta think about getting to work next week too though lol. I’m borrowing my parents car this week but next week I’m SOL.

There’s a Green TJ Rubicon for sale down the street from me. Window sticker is $11995. Want me to get the # for you?

that thing is real nice. he’ll probably want all of that 11995 though. still worth it though if the rest of it looks good.

Ok now this one I like. Been wanting a 97+ 2 dr for a while :slight_smile:

you can find more pictures of it here

Offer him $2400 so the extra $400 will go towards a front locker.

this XJ seems pritty clean. you might be able to get him down to $3500 - $3800…

Glad to see this thread is moving in the right direction. I might suggest looking into a Grand Cherokee. :mrgreen:

Def offer 2400, 400 towards a locker and you’d be good to go.