new Jeep in the stable....

So this is why I missed the meeting yesterday… I have been looking for a 70 or 71 commando for a couple of years now… I found one up in Westford VT back around labor day and have been dying to get up there and take a look at it since then. With CFAC and a day Job and family stuff my time has been stretched to say the least… the Jeep had been listed on VT Craigslist for months so imagine my dismay when I check to see if the ad is still up THE DAY AFTER our event and its gone… I email and text the seller and nothing for almost a week, then Halloween night the guy emails me that he has had one offer for low bucks and if I can make it this weekend the Jeep is mine for that price plus a buck. :laughing: I got up at 5am sunday and shot up to VT. Usually google is off by a significant amount for a trip but I was pretty sure I could scoot up to VT with my trailer be there by 8am and be loaded and headed home by 9 and still make the meeting… WRONG! even doing 80mph it was a 3hr ride there and a little longer back… But that said here is my newest acquisition a 1970 Jeepster Commando, one of the ugly ducklings of the Jeep world but I think she is beautiful and she was built around the same time I was… Technically she was built in the spring of 69 or so based on the VIN (yeah I’ve been doing some homework… :wink: ) the closest I have found to a 11/70 build was a September 70 in NJ and I was surprised it was not a bullnose… It needs some work and has some rot and will not likely see much dirt. Got a great price and I have some work to do to make it streetable but I’m looking forward to some car show and the like with it…
in VT at its old home…

following me home.

I have a great wife!

new home

Its orginially from Colarado and has a few Bronco stickers and AAA stickers from there that need to come off… :laughing: working tire carrier and tail gate mounted gas can and water can.


Good luck, enjoy.

Nice!!! Real nice! What are your plans - Restore to original or build it up to trail worthy?

Doug and Jodi Wilson of the Western Maine Mountain Jeepers (who host the Maine Mountains Jeep Jamboree in October) have a very nice red Commando as well. Always love seeing that on the trail.

not 100% sure to be honest for the long term plans… Part of me wants to restore it to factory, part wants at least to go spring over and keep it on the street, part wants to pull the entire driveline and stuff a v8 and modern axles… It also might get a pink wrap for CFAC… Really didnt think it would make it to my house at all but i had some expiring options for work that I just sold and the price was right… :sunglasses:

Right now I want to get it on the street and address some of the issues I know about, needs a radiatior repair, gas tank has an issue and seems to leak, the breaks are weak and its got some rot in the sills. All are things I can more or less handle except the rot and I’m sure i can get help from some friends with that… Have wanted some old iron for ages and kind of settled on getting something “my age” about 3 years back and looking for the right Jeep since then… Thankfully my trail rig is now built to the point it has most of what I need done and its down the the things I want like a 4:1 and hydro assist… :laughing: so Im not bleeding money into that jeep as much as I had… :smiling_imp:

That thing looks nice, congrats

Very, very Nice! :mrgreen: Always amazes me the stuff you can find tucked away in Vermont and Maine. Best of luck with it :exclamation:


Dude no fun I been drooling over that craigslist find for a while.

there is a very similar one in NY that was listed recently. A bit more money but a nicer jeep than what I bought. The engine was rebuilt/repainted and the intereior was redone. the one below was built 9/70… :sunglasses:

Love it!

You shouldn’t have been surprised, they didn’t come out with the bullnose until 1972.

Congratulations on your purchase, does it have the T-14 or 400 tranny? Some other particulars if stock were V6, D-20, 27/44 (3.73 manual 3.35 auto).

Have not spent too much time under the jeep yet but its a 3 speed Dauntless V6 so I would guess 3.73, rear looks like a D44 to me but I don’t know about the front…


If it’s closed knuckle it’s a D27, a 3 speed would be the T-14/D-20 combo as previously mentioned. Standard factory equipment, the 400 was an option.

Wow what a beauty! I’ve been in love with the commandos ever since i seen one with a 4bt in it in florida. Congrats and good luck :smiley:

Very cool