New guy from Tiverton

Just wanted to say hi, and thanks again for an awesome time at the snow run this sunday. I can’t wait to get my rig done now. Rich

welcome Rich

Welcome Rich. Great time yesterday. Don’t forget to e-mail in an application:

Looking forward to helping out with your build.

I’m from Tiverton too! Whereabouts and what have you got bud?

Welcome to the forum!!!

Welcome to the forum

I live in Garden Heights. I’ve got an 04 Grand, it’s getting a Clayton 4.5 " long arm kit, definately some armor,LSR incline winch bumper, and a rear bumper with swing out tire carrier.
It’s sitting on a rough country 4" kit with jk 32" take offs right now with RRO rock sliders, The kit will soon be for sale and I would like to get a set of 33’s on 16" steelies. Thanks again, Rich

bout time rich
i knew youd get the fever :smiling_imp:

Thanks for the push Jay, like a crack dealer LOL.

but more expensive

Welcome to the forum

Welcome to the forum…

Having trouble e-mailing in the application, anyone know what’s up with the email ?

Pm technohead (eric)

It’s in the inbox!

How about an update on your rig?

Good to know, going to post my plans in tech. :slight_smile: