New Guy From N. Providence

Hello People,

I’m Joel. Fairly new to Jeeps. Picked up my 2012 JK 2-Door/Auto that I ordered last August. Since then I’ve added a 2-1\2" Teraflex Coil Lift with 17" XD Addicts and GY Duratracs (LT315/70R17) along with some other mild mods.

Looking forward to meeting some Members on the Trail soon! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum

Welcome Joel!!!

We are on the trail the next two weekends. You able to make either one?

Welcome Joel, we have a good mix of rigs here. looking forward to meeting you

Yes, this weekend definitely and hopefully for the NE event next weekend.

I posted in the “Events” forum that I’m in for the Gremlin Graveyard.

I see that you already replied to me…just need to get added to the list.

Thanks again Eric!

BTW, thanks for all the ''Welcomes" from other Members also.


Another JKer… :wink:

Welcome to the forum!

ya and here i thought the Cherokees were bad :unamused:


Welcome! Glad to see more JK’s

Where’s all the JK love Brother? :cry:

Our’s look cloned John…nice! :mrgreen:

Freaking JKs are taking over :angry: Welcome to the forum anyways!!! :sunglasses:

Thats ok paul us old jeeps will just stick together,& not worry about scraches

Or broken driveshafts . . .

Or a leaking transfer case . . .

Man, talk about rubbing salt on a wound! :laughing: Fixed and fixed!!! Only the rear main seal left to do :angry: “someday” :neutral_face:

I think them digs were ment for me. & I thank both you gentlemen for your assistance during my times of need :mrgreen: AJ

That’s what warranties are for…I would never use a Jeep for a purpose other than intended! :laughing:

They built it to take off-road…hell I’m takin’ it off-road.

Can’t “Mall Crawl” all it’s life.

Welcome to the forum Joel

its a YJ thing :slight_smile:

Meant for the old fogeys who drive YJ’s. :mrgreen:

Yeah I got my rascal scooter on order.