New Girl...

Hey everyone! I met a few of you out at the GTD - I was the girl in the stock Yellow Rubicon ( on the window).

I’d love to come out for the trail ride on Saturday - how does one get info on that? I don’t have privileges to see them if there are posts on that subject (I’m assuming you have to be a member to see them?).

Anyway - if someone can message me info? I’d love to meet people and see if this is the club for me!


Welcome Roxie!

All you need to do is e-mail in an application and then you will have access to the Events forum:

Hope to see you Saturday.

Just did :slight_smile:

Now the big question is how does one get some damn tow hooks on her front bumper by saturday?

bolts? J/k

Welcome to the form.

Got it. You have now been upgraded to provisional member status.

I thought Rubicons already had front tow hooks?

Jeff at Crown automotive has them. He’s on RT 138 in Canton, MA just a mile or so South of I-93. I’m actually going up there Friday morning and could pick up a couple and we can bolt them on Saturday morning.

Welcome to the Forum

Welcome, Roxie!

Welcome! I remember talking to you! This club is a pretty chill one and has a lot of fun!

I have a spare set and bolts. In my tool box ill byiring if u Don’t get them by saturday

Winner!! What time do you want me there so we have time?

Actually, I lied - my Rubi has front ones, but not rear ones. I’m going to assume it has no rear ones cause they installed a trailer hitch. If we can undo those bolts and remove that it may help my clearance a little too :wink:

Crown sells a shackle kit that goes into the tow receiver

oh… welcome

Welcome to the forum Roxie. At least with front tow hooks you will always be making forward progress!

that tow receiver needs to go to a far away place!

Welcome, you did a great job at the GTD Roxie. Now when you go trail riding you know where the 4x4 button is now LOL. Have fun on Sat. I wish I could make it out but I have my nieces birthday cook out I’m commited to :cry:

I knew where it was, I was just unsure of the clutch situation (the last rig- XJ - was an auto) and the lockers. Now I know. One tap, back lockers, two taps, both lockers. Why would that not just be two switches?!?

welcome roxie, have fun saturday, sawmill is a great place

Hook in the 2" reciever is your best bet. You can drag that reciever over anything. It’s not a snag point. There are a bunch of other things on the back of your Jeep you’ll wreck without that 2" reciever hanging under there. If you do take it off, I have a spare bumper you can have when you rip it off.

with a TJ its the gas tank that takes the brunt of it.

Is she in a TJ or a JK? If it’s the JK, the muffler doesn’t take any abuse at all. The hitch helps a lot.

It’s a TJ. I saw it in the rock garden at GTD