New Front Axle Seal

as many times as I’ve been in the thing and replaced the passenger side seal, I’ve never done the driver’s side. Anybody got any tips?

Oh yeah… Aussie locker showed up the same day as the seal. I’m taking that as a sign. :smiley:

I’m really tempted to try to stuff them both inside the axle tonight. Really really tempted.

one of the better write ups i’ve read … dSeals.htm

i have a soccer game tonight but if you need any help i could swing by tomorrow

Nice… I was planning on using my ujoint press with the threaded rod in backwards (push out instead of clamp). The YJ has the passenger side seal on the outside edge of the disconnect, so getting something through is a little trickier. I may use the 1/2 threaded rod I have set up with washers to install the passenger side seal (done 3 of them now). Basically press it in using washers as backing plates.

Getting it out was the question, I’ve never had my carrier out.

Chris might be a good resource for you since he did his Aussie last year. i didn’t seem to difficult… famous last words. i’ve been working the last couple days trying to remove the ujoint caps out of my spare axle shafts.

should be a really easy job installing the new seal… and the aussie is ridiculously easy to install. the only pain is making sure every thing is to spec. i would go to napa and get new thrust washers, and pinion shaft if you dont have another ride.

Aussie Locker Install

pinion shaft

thrust washers

did you remember to remove the clips first?

Changing Dana 30 U-Joints

ya, but for whatever reason they wont budge. i’m gonna hammer on them tomorrow. and throw in some 760’s and swap what i have in now.

when i did U-joints i hammered & pressed the shit out of them & they didn’t budge, I finally Had to take the shafts down to cliff’s in Coventry. I think he charged me $35 to get them out

Derek - bring your shafts by… I’ve got a way to get them out via grinder. Works perfect. It’s actually my preferred method now. You just have to start on the diff shaft joint first. Cut the “X” out even with the cap seals and press out the caps. heat from cutting through them actually loosens up the caps and helps with pressing them out (I’ve got a press too).

I’ve done an Aussie before… did my 8.8 in May. I killed the seal while taking my shafts in and out to replace a ujoint last month. Figured it was a good excuse to install the Aussie (that and I just got a raise - every time I do I take the 1st paycheck increase and buy a new “toy” - covered the Aussie this time!!)

HEY!!! Congrats on the raise.

ya, i was working on it with a buddy last time and we both looked at each other and said screw this we’ll cut the suckers out. i was just worried about how many cutting wheels i was going to go though trying to do it. i’m thinking im going to clearance the axle shafts out to be able to use full circle clips… wish me luck.

Yeah i hear you on that, just changed my sons u-joints and they we not easy, but with a little persuasion and a 4 lbs sledge hammer i got them out :mrgreen:

thought i could get the U’s at NAPA, nope gotta order them from 4WD.

cake once i figured it out, also moved my response to … 4025#p4025

back to topic:
how did the axle seals work out Jon?

Yeah 'bout that…
Heather’s been sick and I’ve been working 14+ hour days since Wednesday trying to get our company into new offices. Looks like Sunday’s the only day I’ve got for the front axle. My catalytic converter is supposed to show up on Monday, so I’m going to be hard pressed to get it through inspection by the end of the month!

So I did the drivers side seal - when I pulled the shafts there was 1/3 inch of sand in both tubes! Anyway, putting in the locker I managed to push the intermediate shaft through the passenger side seal. Which of course leaked all over the driveway when I came out this morning.

Another hour later I’ve got new seals in both sides of the front axle. :confused: Geez. played a bit in the driveway in 4wd - locker seems to be working like it should. We’ll find out on Sunday. :smiley: