New from Newport

Hey Jeepsters,

My name is Rick and I am brand new to the Jeep world. I did the whole sports cars and sportbikes thing until about three months ago when I woke up and felt this urge to drive without doors, without a roof, and without roads.

So I picked up a 2002 TJ Apex edition, 5spd, 4.0L (D30/D35) with 33’s and a 2" BL. I didn’t even get it home before I realized how stupid a 2" BL was. I bought some new poly body mounts and a 3.25" RC lift. Over the next few weeks I dropped her back to stock hight on the new bushings and then added the lift while doing some frame restoration along the way. She now sits on new 33" MT tires. I’ve stripped the whole interior this past week because I’m Monstalining the tub and I also have a new double shear front trackbar on the way.

Now that she’s close to being off-road worthy I want to get her on some trails. I had her in some sand pits last week and was glad that my gf enjoyed flexing the rig as much as I did. All the required recovery and safety gear is next on my purchase list so please let me know if you have any spots open on your next trail rides. I should be good to go by next weekend.

Looking forward to crawling with you guys,


Glad to see you made the next step in your evolution!
After visiting the Ducati factory (you know in Italy!) and coming home
and NOT purchasing an 848, I have moved on to Jeeps as well!

You’ll see me around Newport, I work at Melville and live on Jamestown.

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum… nice looking jeep!





Welcome you should check out our pig roast coming up, always a good time

Welcome to the group, hopefully see you at an event soon.

Wlcome Rick, we still have a lot going on keep and eye on the events forum


Welcome to the forum!!

welcome to the forum also we have the pig roast that somebody had already mentioned thats a great way to meet usmost everybody will be there also are you going to the great American Jeep rally this coming Saturday

welcome and congrats on the jeep

Thanks everybody for the welcome. I can’t go to the great american jeep rally sadly since I already promised the GF I’d go to the Newport boat show with her that day. Right now I am torn between either the pig roast or going to the Big E. How do I find out more info on the trail ride you guys are doing Oct.6? Is it a difficult trail, something I could probably handle, or difficult but with paths to drive around obstacles I’m not yet ready for?

Pig Roast is hands down winner over Big E.

Trail ride details will get posted in the Events forum as soon as they are finalized.