new from Lincoln

Hey everyone, My names Mike, I currently have a xj with what I believe to be a 3 in lift, 31s, quick discos, and thats about it for new. Im new to the 4x4 world, but I love it and just give me a little bit of time ive been picking this up quick.

welcome to the forum.


Be sure to check the Events forum often. We have alot going on. You just missed our trail work day for the Jeep Festival yesterday. Our first camp-n-wheel is this coming weekend.


welcome where in lincoln? i got the camo zj in manville.

Welcome to the forum!
You must know Steve Brunelle in Lincoln also, Black JK.



Im from the saylesville, fairlawn area. Ive seen you driving around a couple times. I have a red xj and just recently started taking the doors off if you ever see me feel free to flag me down

Thanks everyone for the welcomes I look forward to meeting you guys

will do. if I blind you with the led light bar sorry its just my way of saying hi

At least its better than sniffing ass. . . .

Welcome! I actually miss living over there… I used to live right next to saylesville elementary.

Welcome, I grew up in Lincoln. Limerock section


i drive through there twice a day as well. Red TJ, usually blasting music

Welcome…and to buck the trend of everyone who drives through Lincoln, I don’t even know where Lincoln is. :wink: