New From Harrisville RI

Hi everyone,

My name is Glenn and I am new to the jeep world aside from working on them while in the service. I have done a little off-roading but consider my self still a beginner. I printed out the application and will be submitting it soon… just need to fill it out :smiley:

I just purchased a 98 Wrangler sport with the 4.0 & 5-speed which needs some major repairs before being road worthy (rotted frame, rusted through brake line and leaking rear freeze plug). Other then that it is in decent shape…

This weekend I am hoping to fix the rotted frame at the skid plate mounts using Auto Tech’s repair panels and then I have to fix the center two body mounts on the tub. Nothing a little time, cutting and welding wont take care of… Then off to fix the brake lines (which I will replace will all new ones since they all are rusty) and finally the freeze plug… of course it is the one behind the tranny…

I already have purchased a bunch of parts for it

  • Zone 3" suspension lift
  • 1-1/4" body lift
  • 1" MML
  • 5 ProComp 7031 - 15x8 rims
  • 5 Duratrac 33x12.5x15 AT’s

I still have other things left to purchase such as fender flairs to cover the tires, CB antenna, first aid kit etc…

Welcome to the Form!


Thanks guys!

Sounds like you’ve got a plan. Welcome to the forum.

welcome, looks like you have things fairly well planed.
Be careful doing the body lift, there is a tendency to pinch the crank sensor wire rendering it useless

You know what they say about a good plan… anyway thanks for the advice on the crank sensor wire… I will have to watch out for it as soon as I figure out where it is run…

welcome Glenn. and like Phillip has in his sig. Just Empty Every Pocket, lol. we have a bunch of events/get togethers coming up in the next couple days/weeks so get that app in so we can open up the events section of the forum for you.

Welcome, what branch you in?

welcome to the forum.

welcome to the forum

The sensor is in the bell housing NSA the wire runs over the top to the otherwise of the block to the connection fairly near the cam sensor

watch out while doing the motor mounts as well. RyanK went through the wire pinch earlier this year.

Welcome to the forum…Where abouts in Harrisville are you? I live off of Hill Rd and Pete formerly known as 00XJRI lives in Pascoag…If you need help with anything I’m right up the street…May not know everything about jeeps, but I’ve built 3 in the past year and a half, and re-doing a 98 cherokee (Buckwheat) right now…

Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone!! I submitted my application this morning

I will check to see if I already crushed that wire or not… thanks for the tip.

Bigdog, you are close to me, I am right off route 7 near wrights farm.

Today (sat) is repair the frame day…

if she doesn’t start you most likely killed that wire

got it

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forum Like Bigdog (jay) said were right down the road…literally

welcome from manville