New from East Providence

Hey everyone, I’m Jacob. I’m the guy that was at the Quarterly Meeting a couple weeks ago and introduced myself as “I was just driving by and saw all the Jeeps” haha. So yeah, I’m in East Providence, got my first Jeep about a year ago. It’s a 1997 Grand Cherokee. 4.5’’ lift on 31’s, roof rack, lights, CB (all that fun stuff). Keeping it simple for now as it is my daily driver. Hoping to attend some events soon.

Jacob welcome, Got the toy drive coming up. Always a good time

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome Jacob.

Yes, Toy Run and Holiday party this weekend. I think there will also be an easy trail ride before the Toy Run.

welcome Jacob

welcome, Jacob!

Thanks guys. I’m going to try to go to the toy run. Unfortunately I’m working at 12. Trying to get someone to work for me


welcome the more grands the better :smiley:


If you want to go to the quick run this AM.