New from Cumberland

Hello, my name is Nichole, I recently purchased a Wrangler JKU. I previously owned a 2-door and it just wasn’t practical for my family so I reluctantly traded it in for an H3 Hummer which came with much regret. Move forward 4 years later and still wishing I had just traded for a 4-door and no way to do so, several weeks ago I ended up getting hit head on completely totaling my H3. Silver lining, I got the Jeep I wanted although it came with hefty price (physically), it was worth it! My Jeep is stock, but look forward to making it my own. I am not from RI and do not know anyone so I thought this was a great place to start.

Welcome to the forum.

Thank you! And I should add I have no idea what I am doing so this should be interesting.

welcome to the form and just so you know we all have to start somewhere but you have found a great group of people it will help you and guide youin the right direction in the sport we have a lot of great events coming up be sure to check out the events page


Don’t forget to e-mail us an application:

Once recieved you will have access to the Events forum. We have lots of events slated for this summer.

Hi Nicole! We are going to be in the Arnolds Mills parade on the 4th! We would love you to have you join us. We are all picking a different theme to decorate our jeeps. Submit an application and you will be able to see the event section.

We are in North Attleboro… right down the road! Welcome to the forum. Hope to meet you soon.

Thank you so much and I have submitted the application and would love to attend the parade!

Nichole welcome, i wish i had a JKU, with two kids it can be a PITA. You should def do the parade with us. Gotta pic a theme for your jeep. You have any questions feel free to ask or pm someone

When did you mail it and to where? There is nothing in the inbox.

Thank you all for the warm welcome @ Matt M. Yes it was a huge pain climbing in and out of a 2D to get a baby out, she is 5 now and likes to go topless, that statment is so inappropriate…

Welcome!!.. I can speak from experience that everyone here is very nice and will help when ever they can. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as there are a lot of people with a ton of experience here!

ouch glad you’re ok. welcome to the club!

First order of business is where to go for a lift kit? I was going to go through Quadratec, but am open to any other suggestions. I will probably not be doing this for a few months.

Welcome, here are a few places to shop for a kit


Welcome Nichole!


@ Ph Anderson thanks for the info, I had looked at Rough Country, it won’t be for another few months or so. I couldn’t even figure out how to become a “Club” member so I am not starting off well.

added photo with my back seat driver! :slight_smile:

it’s easy just come on out and meet some of us and will guide you through it help you along the way