New from Cumberland As well....

Hello all,

Just wanted to jump on and say hi! I am the proud owner of a 2010 JKU (previously owned a '98 TJ). I live in Cumberland and work in Mass. Working my way up through some initial upgrades:

Currently Installed:
RC 2.5" spring and shock lift
33x11.5 Toyo MT’s on Mickey Thompson wheels
adjustable track bar & sway bar end links
KC trail lights (windshield mounted)
+other misc. upgrades

2-6 month plans:
custom designed and fab’d Stubby bumpers (i’m a mechanical engineer with access to a waterjet cutter :smiley: )
re-gear in prep for upping to 34/35" tires
lockers while i am in there anyway
QD endlinks

-Smutz (Brandon)

Welcome and Nice JK, like you read everywhere else add Skids to your list :wink:


Welcome Brandon! I think I’ve see you around… we are in No. Attleboro.

Hope to see you at some of the upcoming events! We have a great schedule this summer!


I would agree with the skids as well!

Welcome to the forum.

This might make you really popular! Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the fourm we do have lots of stuff going on this summer and fall well all year long hope to meet you soon

Thanks everyone for all of the welcomes!

@DanielleV - yea the waterjet is awesome (6’x10’ cutting bed, 8" max cut depth, unlimited after hours access). i am working on roughing out some CAD models of the frame and suspension of the JKU in prep for doing some custom skid plates and things. raw steel is cheap…

@StaceyFace1 - I am right on the Cumberland/Attleboro border so I tend to spend quite a bit of time over there. You can also see the Pumpkin (as my wife calls it) coming from a long way away.


To bad we could not have dom tube sent to your shop it cost so much to get it shiped

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the club


welcome Brandon

its like a shinny, lucky penny


Welcome! Its nice seeing more and more JKU’s showing up on here!


Nice Crush!
like the mods so far.

Hi neighbor!