New from Cranston

Im very excited about this group, and ready to have a positive fun time.
My name is hollis, i drive a 2 door, i no very minimal about wheeling, and im looking forward to learning!!! and making JEEP FRIENDS :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum! This is a great group to learn about wheeling and jeeps!

welcome Hollis



Welcome! Make sure you fill out an application so that you get access to the events that we are doing! There is a run today and a quarterly meeting tomorrow. One of the requirements for membership is to attend a quarterly meeting, so you can come out tomorrow and get that one out of the way!

welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum Hollis! Good meeting you the other night, hope to see you at some future events.

Can anyone tell me where I can find on here where the meeting is tommorow? Thank you.

If you fill out the app as soon as they get it you will be able to see the events but I am sure a board member can give you the address welcome

you should have access to this now



Welcome to the forum!

Hollis D from west???

That’s be me Hollis d from west bro wats up?

We got a celebrity in the house???

We went to HS, Class of 08, but Hollis well talk on FB


Yeah buddy!

Welcome… Always good to see more Cranston Jeeps haha.